Grow your business in Mallorca with a Mastermind Group

Grow your business in Mallorca with a Mastermind Group

Find a group of entrepreneurs like you and support each other to achieve your goals

Why you should join a Mastermind Group?

Ensure the continuous groth of your business with the help of your colleagues.


There can be lots of negativity in the media and elsewhere. A supportive group is like a ‘safe haven’ and will provide you with encouragement and motivation.


Members of our existing groups say they get 80% of important jobs done every day. Being accountable in front of a group of people is the key to get you moving forward and doing more tasks every day


Are you frustrated at the slow pace your business is growing? Being able to tap into the collective knowledge of around 150 years in business, can help propel your business onto another level.

How does it work?

This is quite simple


Knowing your profile, needs and business situation I can select the Mastermind Group that can help you better.


Get to know the rest of the members and how a session work so that you, and your colleagues, can decide if it’s what you need.


Join the Mastermind Group and see how your business advances and you get closer to your goals.

Try It Now

If you’re interested just send us your contact details.
You will receive a brief questionnaire which is essential for the subsequent meeting.
We will agree on a date for a 20-30 minute call. Totally free. No obligation. This meeting is of vital importance whether you decide to come in or not as it will help me to know where your business stands, whether the Mastermind group is the best solution for you and which group is most suitable in your case.

4 sessions
1 month
  • 4 consecutive weekly sessions
  • cannot skip sessions
  • 35€/session
  • VAT included
12 sessions
3 months
  • 12 consecutive weekly sessions
  • can skip 2 sessions
  • 28€/session
  • VAT included