Who am I?

Who am I?

My name is Joan Carbonell and I am passionate about technology projects that change the world for the better

What I’m passionate about… and what I’m not

I am passionate about discovering new technologies, seeing how to apply them, teaching others how to use them and generating results from them.

I could not devote myself to anything that does not involve continuous learning.

I am passionate about helping. I dedicate a good part of my time to non-monetary or altruistic projects (but which give me a lot of satisfaction) like helping kids as a judge of the School Debate League or people who prepare TEDx talks.

I’m always willing to take a coffee break to listen to a new proposal and try to do my bit.

I am angry (for not writing a swear word) about projects that are poorly executed and end up being a disaster for all participants.

I am even more outraged to discover projects that remain in the drawer for not daring to ask, to look for partners, to seek help, to “and if it goes wrong”.

How did I get here?

If you are interested in all the details of my professional career you will find it complete and updated here

But, if you don’t know me, this is a quick summary:

I started from the purely technological side: developing applications, mastering all kinds of tools and training others.

That led me to manage teams of people, coordinating projects and directing areas of computer development and then technology-based innovation.

I have worked more than 24 years managing projects in large multinational companies with teams of up to 100 people.

In 2006 I got the entrepreneurial bug and started working in parallel on my own projects.

Who can I help?

I still work as an innovation and technology consultant. But above the size of the project and the budget (which I’m not saying is not important) is the value that the project brings and how much the technology contributes. I continue to work with large companies but also with SMEs, startups and even entrepreneurs who propose ideas that I consider valuable.

All this in parallel with my own projects.

Do you have a technology based project to launch?